As 30 preocupações de todos os blogueiros


Confiram neste artigo, recém-publicado no  site SumoMe, as 30 preocupações de todo blogueiro e dicas para resolvê-las:

  1. What do I write about?
  2. How do I start this thing?
  3. Has everyone seen this content before?
  4. Is this taking too long?
  5. Where can I find good examples?
  6. Is this intro any good?
  7. Is this content any good?
  8. Why am I not inspired right now?
  9. Will anyone ever see this?
  10. Will anyone even share this?
  11. Will the traffic validate the time I spent creating the content?
  12. How can I do this consistently?
  13. Is this relevant anymore?
  14. Will people get it?
  15. Will people read my whole article?
  16. Did I use the right facts?
  17. Will my short content beat the long stuff?
  18. Did I miss something?
  19. How can I stop being so distracted?
  20. Will I get destroyed in the comments?
  21. Did I ramble?
  22. Am I publishing this at the wrong time?
  23. Is this too controversial?
  24. Will this help me rank?
  25. Will people think I’m full of shit?
  26. Will this help people?
  27. Did I make a grammatical error?
  28. Do all my links work?
  29. What if I make a mistake?
  30. Am I really ready to hit the publish button?

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